LRI: Limbal Relaxing Incisions at Kutryb Eye

LRIIdeally, the eye’s cornea has a uniformly rounded curvature, like the surface of a ball. With the most common type of astigmatism, the cornea has a more oblong contour, much like the oval bowl of a teaspoon. One end of this oval may be shallow and the other end deeper, in much the same way that the portion of the oval that is closer to the spoon’s handle is deeper. This uneven curvature causes blurred vision because light passing through it focuses on more than one spot in the back of the eye.


To reduce astigmatism and make vision more precise, Dr. Kutryb may recommend LRI (Limbal Relaxing Incisions). During the LRI procedure, Dr. Kutryb makes small curved incisions along the limbus, the outer edge of the cornea. These incisions relax or flatten the steeper portion of the cornea, giving it a more normal, spherical curvature.

LRIs are a relatively non-invasive treatment for astigmatism. The cornea responds quickly to the relaxing incisions, and patients rarely report more than mild discomfort following this surgical procedure. Serious complications are extremely rare. Dr. Kutryb frequently recommends this treatment to patients who have both a cataract and astigmatism, because LRI can be performed at the time of cataract surgery.


  • Those who have astigmatism
  • Those who want to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses
  • Those who have no health issues affecting their eyes

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