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As we progress through our 50s and 60s, the once crystal-clear lens begins to lose its transparency and gradually becomes yellow and cloudy. As the crystalline lens loses its transparency and its optical clarity, it may begin to disturb your ability to see well in dim illumination (like night driving) and may create glare or overall dim vision. Sometimes parts of the lens may actually become cloudy enough that they cause a significant decrease in both your day and night vision. These symptoms are what cataracts patients typically experience.

Traditionally, patients underwent cataract surgery and were still told that they would need new glasses in 4-6 weeks after the eye healed. As technology has improved, we have increased the precision and accuracy of the surgery and the lens implant measurements, so much so that many patients can see 20/20 without glasses. We are now able to perform the surgery much quicker and safer than ever before through true micro-incisions that require no stitches and no needle injections near the eye.

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